You will find our car to be very well crafted, highly detailed in accordance to the movie car, road worthy and street legal. Take a look at what we have to offer, you'll swear it came straight out of Doc Brown's Laboratory.
We can provide a vehicle from the movie 1, 2 or 3, movie props, themed background, music, trivia & seasoned actors to provide your event with the total experience of Back To The Future your guest will never forget.

 The past becomes your present when you experience our
Delorean Time Machine

-  RENTAL FEE/PRICING  by the Day -
Based on usage between 10am thru 10pm
$1,500 First day rental up to 8 hours of display.
$450 for Delivery/Load-in/Stage/Strike per location.
Event Location must be within 30 miles of vehicles starting location or additional charges will be applied for: Travel, food, lodging overtime and late hours

$250 per hour, 3 hours min. within 30 miles of Oviedo Fl.
​ $250 per hour, ​4 hours min. outside the Oviedo area
$450 for Delivery/Load-in/Stage/Strike per location.

​​NOTE:​  Hourly rates are based on less than 6 hours per day of display. If display is to be more than 6 hours per day and/or more than one day per event, than a flat rate will be quoted on a case by case bases. Travel, food, lodging, overtime and late hours are not included in our hourly rate plan.
Bookings located more than 30 miles outside our vehicles loaction, will require a $2.00 per round trip mileage charge based on distance traveled from our vehicles location, to your venue/event and then return back to our location. Over night stays require a lodging/hotel charge(s) for team member(s) at a rate of $350.00 per night, per person.

Appearances are secured with a 50% deposit and signed contract

Our iconic "Time Machines" are built using a vintage, restored, Titled, insured, road legal 1981 Delorean
- Delorean Specifications -
What you will need to know about the Delorean Time Machine to have it fit inside your building, hallway, platform or stage.

Width: 84 inches - Length: 180 inches - Height: 60 inches
Weight: 3,400 lbs. - Ground Clearance: 5.5 inches - Wheel base 95 inches - Turning radius 35 feet

The entire body is made of solid stainless steel, all the replicated props are movie screen accurate and securely mounted to the Delorean. The engine & transmission do not leak and are in good running order.  The Delorean is only driven by an licensed, insured and experienced team member​.

Guest are welcomed to sit in our Time Machines to give them that "WOW" type of photographs

Doc and Marty in the Delorean Time Machine Universal Studios Florida Delorean Doc Brown Delorean Delorean Hire Bruce Coulombe Delorean Time Machine Delorean Rental Rent a Time Machine
Chris or Wayne
as Doc Brown
Rob or Tyler 
as Marty McFly
Delorean Universal Studios Florida Delorean wedding car Mary Coulombe in Delorean
Great Scott, Marty ! ! . . . .
We can "RENT" a Delorean Time Machine from Coulombe Enterprises,LLC. Why didn't I think of that before I spent my entire family fortune.
Florida Delorean Delorean for rent Back To The Future Car Hire
 Our Time Travelers have told us that sitting in our car feels as if they can really go back in time
We welcome kids to sit in our Time Machine. We love to place a priceless smile on any kids face
We are more than happy to supply extra props and FX to enhance the full Time Continuum experience.
Take your event to the next level with our professional Actors who enjoy photo ops and know how to work a crowd by interacting personally, posing with your guests and making each a part of the scene. 

We can provide you with the finest Back To The Future character Actors available.
Such as: Doc E. Brown - Marty McFly - Biff Tanner - Jennifer Parker and many more.

We can also provide you with the actual cast members from the movie, such as:
      ​Jeffery Weismann (George McFly) - Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker) - Don Fullilove (Major Goldie Wilson)
Ricky Dean Logan (Data) - Christopher Lloyd - ​Bob Gale (Producer) &  ​Kevin Pike ( builder of the 1st car)
Seasoned professional Actors
with Universal Orlando Resorts for over 20 years
Price quotes, Package deals, Schedule or Bookings
Provide the following needed information
Contact information - Event location -
Event Dates - Event Times - Type of event -
​ How many hours vehicle will be displayed

​Be sure to describe your event and needs
We provide an unforgettable experience for all!
A few of our valued
Client List
Walmart - PNC Bank -Efinancial  Uhaul - Citizens Bank - Home Depot - Universal Orlando Resort  UCF - GE - Hard Rock Cafe' MegaCon - Dynasty Films 
​ NASA - PEPSI - NSSA - NAVC  NASA - Americas Tax Reform
Hello Florida - Experian - Ford
​​MediCare -  Make A Wish - GOA Dancing With The Stars  -  Netflix  Charlotte Speedway Auto Fair  Meridium - West Washington Film Fest - New York Life - ABC - CBS  NBC & many more!
Our interior and exterior details are mesmerizing, Jaw dropping & movie accurate

Rent our Delorean Time Machines from one of these major US cities:
Austin TX, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Greenville SC, Los Angles,  Miami FL, Minneapolis MN, New York NY, Orlando FL, Pittsburgh PA, Tampa FL, Washington DC. We can also provide service in the UK, Belgium and France

Tell us where your event is located and we'll can rent you a Time Machines any where in the world​​.  

Screen Accurate Props - Posters - Signs - Banners - Costumes - Cast Members - Impersonators for:
Corporate events - Trade Shows - Conventions - Advertising - Videos - Promotions - Car Shows -
​Private Functions - Exhibits - Weddings - Film Projects & much more

Delorean Time Car Hire Delorean Time Car
Kevin Pike, Film Trix Supervisor and builder of all 3 ​Delorean Time Machines a​s seen in the iconic ​Back To The Future Trilogy.  He gives unsolicited positive testimony on the quality of one of our builds owned by Lenny Hochteil in LA​
Let our work speak for itself !
​​​​​​​​​​​​​It is our honor to be awarded positive praise from the man himself that built the original
    ​3 Delorean Time Machines from the BTTF Trilogy.
    Click on the video and...........
Delorean car hire Rent a Delorean Florida Rent a Delorean Rent the Delorean
Hire a Delorean in USA George McFly Time Machine George McFly Delorean Claudia Wells Delorean
We have Film/TV Actors & professional impersonators you can hire to enhance any event & give your guest a jaw dropping experience

Give your Trade Show, Event, Exhibit or Party that extra crowd pleaser with our very own Cast Members/Actors that will leave your guest with the jaw-dropping "WOW FACTOR"!
Jeffery Weismann aka
George McFly

Be sure to like us and follow our activities on Face Book​ under 
​Coulombe Enterprises or send a friend request to Bruce Coulombe

Delorean Time Machine in Florida
This iconic car draws huge crowds no matter where she is on display!
Claudia Wells aka
​Jennifer Parker

​​1.  For whom are we leasing our services to?  Include the person and/or company name that will appear on the contract.
2. Date and Time of your event. Include....How many days and what hours Start/End  are needed for display of vehicle.
​​3. Venue  name, address, state and zip code  of location where event will be held
4.  What type of themed event is this to be
5.  Will you have other BTTF cast member(s) at this event or Do you need to hire BTTF cast member(s) for your event?
6.  Does the vehicle need to be delivered to the event location prior to the scheduled day(s) of the event ?
7.  Will the vehicle be located outdoors, indoors, what surface will the vehicle be on, i.e.: on a stage, on carpet, cement, grass
8.  What will the vehicle be used for, i.e.: display only, moving skit, guest photos, video, film, commercial
9.  If the vehicle is to be Loaded-in & Loaded-out through a building by manually pushing the vehicle , will you provide personal to help maneuver vehicle?
10.  Will you be able to place our vehicle under your company 's insurance carrier for your event and provide us a Certificate of Insurance ?
11.  Approx. how many guest will be in attendance and will alcohol be served at the event while vehicle is leased on display
12.  Do you need : Actors, Props, Costumes, smoke/fog/CO2 expelling, themed signage/banner, movie  clips or  a custom produced video 

12 Questions we need answers to in order to draw up a contract :
1293 North County Road 426 suite 121 Ovied0 Florida 32765 phone: # 561-752-7535
​​Hire our Delorean Time Machine Today, Tomorrow & Beyond!
 ​Pacific coast to the Atlantic​ coast... we have a vehicle near you.

We can provide service from Los Angeles to Boston, Canada to Florida, England, Australia, Belgium & Japan.
Tell us where your event is located and we can provide you a Time Machines any where in the world​​.
We can also provide...​
​ Screen Accurate Props - Posters - Signs - Banners - Costumes - Cast Members - Impersonators for:
Corporate events - Trade Shows - Conventions - Advertising - Videos - Promotions - Car Shows -
​Private Functions - Exhibits - Weddings - Film Projects & much more ​!