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Doc's Interactive
Time Travel Experience

Pick your time travel partner below!
requently asked questions are listed at the bottom.

Marty - Thu, May 25 - 8PM
Doc - Thu, May 25 - 7PM
Biff - Thu, May 25 - 6PM
Marty - Thu, May 25 - 5PM
Doc - Thu, May 25 - 4PM
Thursday, May 25, 2017
Friday, May 26, 2017
Marty - Fri, May 26 - 5PM
Doc - Fri, May 26 - 4PM
Biff - Fri, May 26 - 3PM
Marty - Fri, May 26 - 2PM
Doc - Fri, May 26 - 1PM
Biff - Fri, May 26 - 12 NOON
Doc - Fri, May 26 - 10AM
Marty - Fri, May 26 - 11AM
Saturday, May 27, 2017
Marty - Sat, May 27 - 5PM
Doc - Sat, May 27 - 4PM
Biff - Sat, May 27 - 3PM
Marty - Sat, May 27 - 2PM
Doc - Sat, May 27 - 1 PM
Biff - Sat, May 27 - 12 NOON
Marty - Sat, May 27 - 11AM
Doc - Sat, May 27 - 10AM
Sunday, May 28, 2017
Doc - Sun, May 28 - 4PM
Biff - Sun, May 28 - 3PM
Marty - Sun, May 28 - 2PM
Doc - Sun, May 28 - 1PM
Biff - Sun, May 28 - 12NOON
Doc - Sun, May 28 - 10AM
Marty - Sun, May 28 - 11AM
1. How long is Doc's Time Travel Experience?
The experience lasts approximately 90 seconds door to door.

2.  What happens during Doc's Time Travel Experience?
You will be first asked to put your belongings on a table.  Then you will be escorted by one of our staff to the Delorean Time Machine simulator and the staff member will open the door.  Once you get inside the vehicle on the driver's side, the staff member will close the door and the BTTF character of your choice will be waiting for you in the passenger seat. Once you are seated, your character will introduce himself. Then you will be instructed to activate all the wonderful gadgets and gizmos of  Doc's greatest invention, "The Delorean Time Machine".  Then your experience begins, as the vehicle's digital speedometer ramps up to 88 mph. While the speedometer is ramping, you will be viewing your travel through the Time Dispersal Worm Hole on the windshield. When the speedometer hits 88 mph,  you and your time traveling companion will find yourselves in the middle of  downtown Hill Valley in the year 1955 just seconds before Marty launches himself in the lightning pole modified Delorean. The alarm clock begins to ring, Marty takes off towards the clock tower. You  begin to follow and witness Marty as he makes his heroic journey back to the year 1985 to save Doc Brown uncertain demise. Once the experience is over, a staff member will open the car door and escort you to the table to gather your belongings and then escort you out of the time travel area.  If you purchased the discount package you will then wait in a short line for your photo op with our screen accurate Delorean Time Machine Tribute car.

3.  Can I wear my costume?
We can accommodate all costumes that use body paint or soft materials.  If your costume has hard components, spikes, other items that could puncture or scratch the car's seats, or makes you too big to fit in the car, then you cannot participate in the experience. 

4.  How do I get my 360 video?
Within 24 hours, you will get an email that with give you a link to download your video.

5.  How do I view my video?
You can put your video on Facebook or YouTube as you would normally any video. You can also download the 360 Fly 4K app on a Windows or Mac computer.  Once the video is on Facebook or YouTube you can also view the video on your phone, tablet, or VR headset.

6.  If a particular character is sold out, can I still participate in the experience with that character?
You will have to register with your second choice character "BUT" when you  come to our booth tells us of your first choice character and we will do everything we can to get you into the experience with that character, but we can not guarantee to accommodate.

7.  Do you take credit cards at the show? 
Yes, but note, Sometimes wireless internet may not be available due to signal loss, therefore we can not guarantee to be able to process credit cards. Be sure to cover yourself by bringing cash. ATM machine maybe onsite provided by venue.

8.  How do I get my photo from the Delorean Time machine replica photo op?
You will be given a URL where you can download your photo. Photos will be available within 24 hours.

9.  Do you do retakes for photos?
We do not do reshoots, but the photographer will make sure a quality picture is taken. It is up to you to look the way you want during the photo op.

10​​.  What if I am handicapped?
If you need assistance getting into the car, unfortunately, we are not insured to provide assistance.  We will do everything we can to accommodate, but you will either need to get in by yourself or have family/friends assist.​  This is an in-car, closed-door experience.  Wheelchairs must remain outside the car.

11.  Do you have any health warnings?
The experience involves bright, flashing lights, strobing white lights, hard metal objects, and confined spaces.  People with history of epileptic seizures or ​​​​claustrophobia are advised to reconsider.  We can not be held liable for any injuries pertaining to these conditions; therefore, participate at your own risk.

12. Are there any additional requirements for consideration?
​​​Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any person under the age of 18 who is not accompanied by a parent or guardian; but, we have provided a second car for still, open-door photos with no age requirement.

13.  Can I bring my service animal?
Unfortunately, the interior of the car is a confined, close-quarters space designed for one person.  Therefore, if you have a service animal that is 20lbs or less, we should be able to accommodate.  If you want a photo with your animal, we have a second car available for still, open-door photos. 

14. What if I request a refund?
Refunds will only be given to our guests who can not attend the experience.  To request a refund, you must email us between May 29 - June 2.  A full refund will be given within 10 business days of your request.

15. What if I'm not happy with my experience?
We hope that you will enjoy your time travel experience, but if you participate in the experience, absolutely no refunds will be given.​

16. Can I choose the Character of my choice for my still photo?​​
Unfortunately No.Due to the characters time slot to be in Doc's Interactive Time Traveling Experience, not all characters are available. Whichever Character is in the "Queue" at the time of your chosen slot is the character you will have for your still photo. If you wish to make an appointment to have all four of the characters in your still photo, you can make an appointment with our attendant at the time of your DITTE slot and we will be setting these for the last hour of the events end of day cut-off scheduled times. We are only taking 40 appointments on a first come first in queue each day. Once all 40 appointments are filled we can not take anymore photos.
Doc's Interactive Time Travel Experience will be making its debut at MegaCon 2017 and as such, we are offering a pre-show discount package. For $65, you will get the time travel experience with either Marty, Doc, or Biff which includes a  personal 360-degree 4K panoramic video of the entire experience, and one digital photo with our screen accurate 2015 Fusion Industries Series Delorean Time Machine tribute car, either by yourself or with one of our BTTF character impersonators of Doc, Marty, Biff, Jennifer, or Lorraine. You will have the option of sitting in the car or standing next to the car for one photo.

Given there are a limited amount of time slots for Doc's Interactive Time Travel Experience, you want to reserve your slot now! Once you have reserved and paid for your slot, we will email you your receipt within 72 hours (3 days) after payment has cleared our account. Please make a copy of the emailed receipt and be sure to bring it with you along with your valid driver's license. Your email receipt is proof of your payment.

Time travelers / riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.​​  You must be 18 or older to purchase.  No food, beverages or liquids allowed.  If you have questions, please email them to

We hope you will enjoy your Interactive Time Travel Experience and knowing that a portion of proceeds will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.​​
Frequently asked questions and concerns:
"REMEMBER" with your purchase included is your personal still photo sitting in our screen accurate Delorean Time Machine with illuminated Time Traveling gadgets, gizmo's and our BTTF Character ! Don't forget to look at Doc's Flux Capacitor because..... It's What Makes Time Travel Possible !" See you in the future .
Our booth at MegaCon is #1183 - see you in the future!!​​