Our Back To the Future film accurate reproductions/props are that of what even Doc Brown would be envious of.
CEI & Doug Beck have teamed together for a ​Limited Time Offer

​​​​We are proud to announce that after many request and long hours of engineering, we have finally perfected a screen accurate scrolling up/down Stanley replica display version of Doc's Futaba Radio to be released soon! 
Coulombe Enterprises, Oviedo Florida
PH: 561-752-7535  Email: info@DeloreanTimeMachines.com
Power by Mr.Fusion Hill Valley Industries & 1.21Jigowatts
We are currently updating this site with new photos, listings, props and lower prices. If you wish to purchase, need prices or info, give us a call or drop us an email. We'll be glad to help!

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Doc's  Futaba RC Radio
A DeLorean Time Machine  replicated accessory  with
 audio playback movie sound byte
Doc Brown's
Delorean Time Machine
​Wireless Remote Controlled Radio

 Shipping Cost to:
USA       $31.00
Canada   $64.00​
 Europe   $90.00
Japan     $104.00
Australia $124.00
We will be taking pre-orders for the first 10 radios for $799.00 plus shipping. After the first 10 are sold, the cost will increase to $899.00 plus shipping.

Email us at: info@DeloreanTimeMachines.com
​to place your order while they last!

Special Offer for CEI customers only. If you purchased a CEI Doc Radio prop (static version) from us in the past, send your CEI made radio prop to us and we'll upgrade your unit to the scrolling version for only $599.00​​ plus shipping. That's a $300.00 savings
To purchase either version radio
​email us at


Be sure to tell us which radio​​​

Movie Screen Accurate vintage Futaba with Green PCM label.   $899.00
 Radio with Red PCM label not 100% movie screen accurate
Look at the movie still photo details and compare it to our details on our replica. Can you say .......
First, we start with an original vintage 1980's Futaba Radio models
​FP-T8SGA-P or FP-T8SGH-P then we gut the interior and clean them. Finally,  we fabricate the radio into a screen accurate replica.
Not In StocK!
​Assembly Time 4 to 6 weeks.
Assembly Time 4 to 6 weeks​
This is a static prop. It does not scroll up/down nor does it control the vehicle in anyway.