TheFlux Capacitor
"It's what makes time travel possible"! .... Doc Brown
Our Flux Capacitor is so accurate & professionally made that even Doc Brown would be envious.
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      Life time limited warranty on our labor to original purchaser.
       12 month limited warranty on all electrical circuits & components. (Scratches to any parts do not apply)

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Time  Displacement
​Series Flux Capacitor

screen accurate special effects version

Includes: Chaser lights fluxing back and forth as seen in the movie unit, "NRG: electrostatic crackling background sound, a four button wireless handheld remote and a plug-in power adapter  

Impressive, Highly detailed, Solid and made to last!!

      Are second to "NONE"!
      This is why we still have "No Competition"!

Our Flux Capacitor features have been thoroughly researched, verified and authenticated to be extremely screen accurate before we went into production. We engineered our lighting and audio effects (features) to give our Flux Capacitor mesmerizing, eye opening attention, EZ controllable functions and professionally built "ROCK SOLID" with all of these below listed features:

Our Enclosure:
The enclosures is made by Stalin painted battleship dark grey with two quick release latches, movie correct size solid clear "acrylic" window and a screen accurate thick rubber gasket surrounding the window. Stahlin was the enclosure used for the movie screen used version however,  Stahlin no longer offers the dark grey enclosure so, we obtained a color paint code match from Stahlin of the same paint color code used on the enclosure for the movie. We also obtained a paint chip from the Flux Capacitor used in the film now located on display at USF. We then compared the two and found them to be exactly the same paint match.  We then remove the hardware from the enclosure, cut out the window, reposition the latches to the film accurate closer together location and professional paint the enclosures to be an exact match to the  movie screen Flux Capacitor.

Our precise replicated Torr High Voltage Relays: 
These replicated High Voltage Relays have been cloned using an authentic Torr model TVS-1 relay. Our 3D replicated relay bases and clear acrylic tubes are spot on in every detail.

Our diffused chaser blocks :
We fabricate these in the same black finish to be screen accurate. We place underneath the 3 chaser blocks a total of 18 warm white LEDs for the pulsating movie speed chaser effect. 6 LEDs placed under each of the 3 diffuser blocks.

Internal board General Illumination Lights (GIL) :
We have four super bright white LEDs for the internal general illumination. One LED in each corner of the internal board totaling four LEDs to give off the same super bright FX as seen in the movie on the Flux Capacitor when the Delorean Time Machine goes into "FULL On"  Time Travel mode.

Temporal Displacement Light & Audio Time Travel mode.
Just as in the movie version, we placed a super bright Xenon LED  located in the middle of the three diffuser blocks and a sound byte module for the Temporal Displacement feature. When triggered by our handheld wireless remote or it will be triggered automatically every 88 seconds by our unit simulates when Marty was entering Temporal Displacement mode for time travel by going into "FULL ON" mode giving off a blinding white light from all the LED's in unison with the audio playback for 15 seconds. Once the Flux Capacitor has completed the Time Dispersal effect, unit reverts automatically back to the pulsating flux mode.

 Wireless 4 button Key Fob remotes included
"A" button on the remote will Turn On/Off our Flux Capacitor remotely and 3 buttons of "B, C, D" are to activate various audio features
4 movie correct replicated exterior replicated connectors:
        One medium silver located on the top left side, one extra large silver PVC located on the top in the middle, one small located on the top to the right side and one large made Cannon on the side of the enclosure

3 correct red enclosure placed labels of:
"Disconnect Capacitor Drive Before Opening" on the top of the enclosure door & "Shield Eyes From Light" on the enclosure door window.  We use the same 1980s vintage label maker, glossy red tape and identical font used by the movie prop makers to print these labels

Our Flux Capacitor prop  replica is powered by any 12vdc power source :
If you wish to display your unit in your home or office, you can power it with our optional  plug-in electrical  AC/DC Power Adapter that plugs into oir provide female power port located on the left side of the unit. If you wish to install the Flux Capacitor into your Delorean for show, you can use a power source such as the cars battery, the cars fuse block or a cigarette lighter plug. All of these suggested option will have to plug in to our female power port. 
NOTE:... You should  "ALWAYS"  install an  inline fuse from your power source to protect your unit.

All our iconic prop replicas are:
Dated, numbered, signed and autographed on the backside by the artisan.

1955! That was the day I invented time-travel. I remember it vividly. I was standing on the edge of my toilet hanging a clock, the porcelain was wet, I slipped, hit my head on the sink, and when I came to, I had a revelation, A vision! A picture in my head! A picture of this! This is what makes time travel possible: "the Flux Capacitor"  ..... doc e. brown
FYI..... Our Flux Capacitors are made with "STRONG" & "SOLID" components.
      ​ Every component is secured using nuts and bolts,  Our electrical components are         designed & installed by our team of professional  former NASA Engineers.

Our iconic Flux Capacitorreplica
 includes screen accurate features and audio/visual electronic special effects​
This Flux Capacitor was the prototype designed by Coulombe Enterprises in 2007 exclusively for Diamond Select Toys using dims of their request
    The Flux Capacitor pictured here is slightly different from the iconic movie version in enclosure, relay, and diffuser color. The prototype version was altered slightly in production at the request of the contracted Chinese fabricator to be more cost effective by using parts readily available to them. The final DST version does resemble the movie screen version but is not screen accurate in many ways. It was DST's desire to design a Flux Capacitor to be affordable to their customers and have a style of its own.
Movie sceen grab photos to compare just how amazingly accurate our Flux Capacitors are.
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